Project Description

DotBeer is a program for DotA (Warcraft 3 mod) players. It allows manage builds for every hero. You can easily add/edit/remove skill and item builds. There are included builds for all heroes, so DotBeer is ready to work after download.



Take a look at screenshots. Main window:

Main Window

In the right upper corner click on the side logo. Table with heroes will show up:


You'll find all the information you need about the hero by simply clicking on a portrait. From drop down list "Author" you can choose, which build you want to view.

You can edit build by clicking on "Edit Build" button. You will see the following window:

Edit Window

Here you can edit skill or item build. Tables are full editable.

Why use DotBeer?

  • you have all necessary info about each hero in just one place
  • you can quickly check hero build during the game
  • if you ever asked "what should I buy?", this program is for you
  • if you are new to DotA, this program is espacially for you!
  • if you are making guides for hereos, you can easly copy Item/Skill Build to forum post. Item Build can be copy as images: [img][/img]

DotBeer features

  • heroes builds management - browsing, adding, editing
  • heroes, items, taverns management - browsing, adding, editing
  • copying hero Item/Skill Builds
  • printing hero build
  • automatic updates
  • error reporting system



If you found DotBeer useful please feel free to Donate. Donations will help keep up my motivation to spend my free time on DotBeer.


I've taken info about heroes from guides posted in this thread at forum and from site. Info about items I've taken from site.

Send me an e-mail if you:
  • found bug
  • have question
  • have problem with DotBeer
  • have ideas for new features

Enjoy using DotBeer!

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